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What to do in sweden

Have you ever been to sweden? I f you haven't I will make a list here on my blog now on what you should do when you're in sweden. Sweden is a country that has a lot to offer more than furniture you have to put together yourself. If you visit in the winter you can visit a hotel that's made of ice. Every year they build the hotel from scratch, it's really beautiful and something special you should experience. If you visit stockholm you will have a ton of stuff to do. You could go on something called Stockholm boat tours it is really great. Stockholm is surrounded by water and the best way to see everything is from the sea in a lovely boat. The castle is also something you should visit. If you like museums stockholm os full of them. There's a museum about sweden and the countys history. There is a museum about nature and science, really cool if you want something less cultural and more about technology. The Old town is something really great you should visit to. It is a cute narrow road with beautiful buildings and small boutiques, cafés and restaurants with some really tasty stuff. You could also visit the south of sweden and all those beautiful beaches and unique nature. There's som old towns with pretty houses and local shops. But if you don't have time to visit all of sweden I think you should focus on stockholm, the boat tours and some museums. There's a lot to do in stockholm by night or evening. There's som great (and famous) restaurants and cafés. There is also bars if you want to grab a drink before going back to the hotel. You could also do a lot of shopping if that's your thing.